Dinner parties are a fantastic way to gather family and friends for a fun evening filled with yummy food and great conversation. A dinner party theme can really help pull it all together besides make planning much easier. For example, a good dinner party theme will help you deciding on the menu as well as the drink you will be serving, the music selection and even decorations.

Here are some popular dinner party theme ideas based on a few different concepts:

  • Country Themes: Some of the easiest dinner party themes to choose are those that are based on a certain country or region of the world. Hawaiian, Mexican or Spanish are some of the most popular dinner parties to plan. That’s because many people are already familiar with this food but that does not mean you can’t explore some other ideas and go all out there with Cuban, Japanese, Moroccan or even Brazilian.
  • Specialty Themes: There are so many unique ideas for dinner party themes. A fondue party for example will certainly please your guests with no need to have hours of cooking neither big decorations. Another idea is to host a competition dinner in which every guest/couple cook off one of the courses and harmonize with a drink.
  • Classics: Use your imagination with movie themes like The Great Gatsby or Titanic enhancing your gourmet menus and champagne Guests in general love a reason to dress up for a theme party and serving a fancy feast is sure to be a hit.

Building menus for these parties are one of our favourite challenges. We love the need of being creative and interact with guests as well as playing with seasonal ingredients bringing a little sophistication to the table.