When I look back over my life I realize that my passion for healthy food began a few years ago when I met my now friend and nutritionist Ronaldo Fulieri. Growing up in South Brazil and studying Italian cuisine never really made me think about how healthy my food was. It always tasted good but was it healthy?

Working closer with a Nutritionist made me realize we don’t always need fat to flavor dishes neither gluten to give it a better texture. So much has changed since, and my cooking has definitely earned much more taste and personality.

Many years later we continue working together, now traveling the world creating recipes that taste and look amazing using our passion to teach people simple and healthy dishes that are definitely guilt free.

Following our passion, we were invited by Atmantan (a luxury wellness resort in Mumbai, India); who believes in locally grown seasonal products to maintain and restore health  and wellbeing; to create and exciting and nutritious menu, so that guests can indulge daily spa cuisine that nourish their bodies.


To celebrate such great experience and team work we are today sharing one of the recipes created on such magical and inspirational place. Hope you enjoy it.


Moroccan Quinoa with Steamed Fish

 For the Quinoa

100 grams mixed quinoa

Hand full of apricots

Juice and zest of 1 orange

1 orange cut into small pieces

50 grams toasted pistachios

3 shallots finely chopped

Chopped mint

Olive oil, salt and lemon juice to season

1 Shallot brunoise

4 tbsp. olive oil

Salt to taste

Cook quinoa as per package instructions and let it cool down. Mix all ingredients and season with salt.

 For the Fish

4 X 150 gr white fish fillets

Mint gremolata

¼ cup olive oil

Half bunch finely chopped mint leaves

Half bunch finely chopped parsley leaves

Juice and zest of 1 lemon

1 garlic clove chopped finnely

Pinch of salt

Mix the gremolata ingredients.

Preheat over to 180 degrees. Cut 4 squares (about 15 inches) of baking paper and place fish fillets on each of them. Cover fish with 2 tbsp. of gremolata and bring up the edges of the baking paper of each parcel and fold over the edges to seal like a pocket (making sure the packet is tightly sealed)

Bake for 15 min and serve immediately with the paper intact to be opened at the table.