Nobody wants to be stressed about Christmas meals. By staying organised, a Christmas menu can actually be enjoyed by the person who is cooking it. The food will be ready on time and the cook won’t have to be overwhelmed or tied to the kitchen missing out on all the fun.

With only a few weeks to go before Christmas, you’ve still got time to get everything ready, and plan your shopping and recipes. Decide which recipes you want to use and follow the tips for a successful and relaxed

Food Shopping

Time to get your shopping list done and have the non-perishables sorted and ready to go. It will also mean you can bag a bargain and spread the cost across a few more pay days.

Order your meat from the butcher. If you’re planning on buying a large bird, don’t forget to check that it will fit in your oven and that you have a big enough roasting tin!

Add a couple of bottles of drinks to your weekly shop from now until the big day and you’ll have it all covered.

Advance Christmas baking

Christmas puddings are best made in advance.

While you still have time, make and freeze your mince pies.

2 weeks before Christmas

There’s a fortnight to go! Time to review your shopping list and finish off any outstanding food shopping.

Cooking in advance

This week is best to make your stuffing and sauces that can be frozen so you don’t struggle on the following week.

Some Starters like pates and terrines can also be done at this time.

1 week before Christmas

Stop and take a deep breath! Then make a list of everything you’ll need to do on Christmas Day, so that you’re not thrown by inevitable last-minute glitches and you have your timings all worked out.

Fresh food shopping

Two or three days before Christmas is a good time to buy all your fresh food. Check everything again, make sure you have all ingredients, food drinks and some time for yourself.

Christmas Eve


Just one more day to go!

Doing as many jobs as you can on Christmas Eve will take the pressure off on Christmas Day.

  • Organize your table decorations and leave them ready to go.
  • Sort out all the serving dishes, glasses, silverware and napkins.
  • Put white and sparkling wines in the fridge to chill.
  • Take out of the freezer any frozen food that you’ve made ahead, to thaw.
  • Wash and prep vegetables and get ham and turkey ready.

Time to start to relax and get into the Christmas spirit. You deserve a stress-free day tomorrow.

You’re almost there!

Christmas Day


Time to relax and enjoy the feast you managed to put up.

Merry Christmas!!!!